Solar Pool Heating Installation 

Find out about the solar pool Heating Installation Process. Our tailored Diagram to Placement. 

Solar Pool Heating Installation can be attached to a majority of pools already established. Before the installation of the solar pool heating equipment, we highly recommended having a quick roof inspection to make sure your roof is in good condition.


By now you would have already have chosen a solar pool system for the solar collector that being, solar panels or solar matting.   

Our first step is we draw out our solar pool heating diagram which will best suit your roof and where the collector will get the most sun. 

On the day of installation, a solar pool heating expert will arrive at your property.  We normally start with the laying of the solar collector, will attach these to the pipework and connect all parts. After that we will work on the remainder of the pipework which will be neatly run along next to the guttering until we get are above your pool pump system.


We run two pipes down the wall of your property drilled in with brackets, we always recommend piping colour that blends into your properties wall. A placement spot will be chosen for your solar pool pump that is neat and tidy and out of the way and also being accessible. After connecting the pipes to the solar pumps, we will switch it on and run the system and circulate all the pools water through the piping, solar panels or solar matts. 


If you choose to have a controller or known as a sensor installed which will give you the ease of use so you can set the desired temperature. The placement of the controller will be set on the wall above your pool equipment for easy access with running the cord and sensor attached inside the piping. 

How long does it take to be installed?. 

All jobs vary due to size and layout and pipe work. Normally a full day to two days.

We will give you an estimated length of time to complete the system.

Do I need to be home while you install?

No, we only ask for access and that all pets are locked up and nothing is blocking our way.

Will you show me how to use the solar pool heating system?

Yes with all purchases from the solar pool heating experts, will run through the system and show you how to use and set the desired temperature you seek.

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