Solar Pool Heating Cost

Find out more about the cost of an affordable and durable rigid solar pool heating system 

Influence factors in the price of a swimming solar pool system and components in Sydney.  

How much does solar heating cost?

To buy and have a solar pool heating system installed, it ranges on the quality of material and supplier. There are a few main components that you will have to have and some you can add on later like a controller. We always think you should have the whole systems installed at once with the same company for all the warranties to be around the same length. 


To give a solar pool heating estimate is quite hard over the phone and what we recommend is to have the solar pool heating company come out and inspect your pool system and your roof for its condition to make sure your swimming pool is the right fit. 


See the Price factors below. 

Pool Size & Shape 

We will take measurements of your swimming pool. Calculate the size and area 

Solar Collectors

To have a great system warming your pool we aim for atleat 90% pool coverage on roof. 

Choose your solar panels or Solar matting  

Solar Pool Pump 

Choosing a solar pool pump, prices range but you need to consider Price, Efficiency, Durability. 


Roof & Piping

Depending on the roof pitch and how many stories the roof is and how much piping will need to connect the system to the pump.

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