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What does solar pool heating matting look like?.

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

For solar pool heating collectors for the swimming pool you have two options, Solar Pool Heating Panels & Solar Pool Heating Matting.

In this article will show you what solar pool heating matting looks like and how it is placed. Normally customers don't think the matting looks as good as the solar pool heating panels but did you know that the matting is more affordable by quite a decent amount and is more efficient due to its placement.

Majority of the solar pool heating experts business is installing the strip matting for customers on 1 & 2 storey roofs throughout Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Some customers concerns are it's not neat enough as they seen others on neighbours roofs in the local area, we explain it might be due to the material and glue they have used. The solar pool heating matting should look like the first day we installed it and work the same.

Here is a example of one of recent installations of solar pool heating strip matting

Solar pool heating strip matting

Due to solar pool heating panels needing a lot of room to install and gaps in between the panels you miss out a lot of efficiency. If you closely look at the solar pool heating matting you can start on the top of the roofs tiles and normally one from the bottom so giving the ability to warm your swimming pools water with more effectiveness.

It can also look unrecognisable from the street as well if it blends in your tiles on your roof. You need to have a professional installed by someone who is well trained and qualified to work at heights then you will get a neat and tidy install.

Solar pool heating matting

Solar pool heating matting is a great option for customers looking to warm there swimming pools water in an affordable way.

Solar Pool Heating Matting

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