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Solar Pool Heating Repairs in Late 2019 For Sydney home owners

If you have just turned on your solar pool heating system in the warmer months on of 2019 and have found you're having problems with your solar pool heating system being the solar pump, solar pool heating matting, solar pool heating panels or springing leaks. We have got you covered!

Repairs are quite common because normally you have had your solar pool heating system running in winter mode and you haven't dared to take a dip. This keeps the equipment circulating, but now you have switched on and is working 100%

To see if you have leaks normally you can see it from the ground as you see leaks coming from above or depending where you have your system placed. Leaks are normally and easy fix on Australian made products but unfortunately for a fair amount of home owners they have been sold on a system that isn't made for our conditions which can become a hard fix with sourcing products and that's if the company or manufacturer is still around. The ongoing problems are a headache and are very expensive to fix with multiple call out fee's.

If this the case we can try and sort out cost effective solution to getting you back in the swimming pool.

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