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Solar Pool Heating 2019 Buyers Guide.

Where should I start my search and what solar pool heating system would fit my residential swimming pool. Read our 2 min purchasing guide. Best way to start your search and become familiar with the solar pool heating industry.

Residential Swimming Pool

With solar pool heating becoming a very popular choice for residential pool owners in Australia and such a high demand item, it is no longer a want more a need and with suppliers offering affordable products on the market to warm your pool buyers are finding it hard to choose a supplier and installer.

With so many questions, and buyers unsure where to start there search, we thought we would release a purchasing guide for solar pool heating systems, something brief and to the point.

This includes common questions we have had on the front line when giving quotes, repairs and various services.

We want to educate our clients in making the right decision when purchasing a solar pool heater. This simple guide should help.

These are a example of questions we have answered in our guide

How long does it take to install? 5 Questions you should ask before you hire a solar pool heating installer?

Benefits that you will get from having a solar pool heating system!

Does solar pool heating really work?


Click on the link below for our guide.

We hope you enjoy our quick buyers guide and it helps you extend your swimming season.

Kind regards from the Solar Pool Heating Experts in Sydney.

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