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Buying a Property That Has A Solar Pool Heating System.

If you're looking at purchasing a property with a swimming pool or that is the highest priority on your list that your new home has have. This article will explain some quick questions we get every day. It's not long before new home owners call us to discuss their problems with the current solar pool heating system. As you can't really see the system or equipment on the roof, this makes it hard to tell about the type of conditions it's in or if there is any damage.

Solar Pool Heating Matting Installed

These few tips will help you save quite a bit of money as a solar pool heating system can be quite a costly fix or even more if you have to replace the whole system. So you are looking to purchase a property, if you find one you like you make an offer then you wait to see if it will be accepted, if it is great! After that you normally have a pest and building inspection during the cooling off period to double check for any problems and your normally hire a professional right?

So why wouldn't you do the same with purchasing a house with a pool. other pool heaters should be looked at being gas or electric which are very costly to fix as well as run too.

The Solar Pool Heating Experts specialise in the solar pool heating systems and will give you the right questions to ask.

1 Does the solar pool heating system work?

2 Is the product still under warranty?

3 Which company installed it?

4 How old is the current system?

With these questions you can hopefully save yourself quite a bit of money as a new system could be starting from $2,500 and up depending the size of your system.

Unfortunately these days a lot of solar pool heating companies have closed down and with that we can't replace a lot of parts on the current system and can only recommend a brand new one. That being said our brand new systems have a 15 year warranty and the suppliers have been manufacturing for the past 30 years so too find replacement parts aren't hard.

If you have any questions about the current system on a property you are looking at purchasing or just have a few questions we would be happy to help. 0451 544 952

Here is a link to our buyers guide for more information

Our link to our website too

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