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10 Benefits of having Solar Pool Heating in Australia

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Find out about the benefits of having a solar pool heating system installed for your residential swimming pool and why it is becoming popular option for heating there pool in 2019.

Residential swimming pool

Solar pool heating is has been around for over 30 years and now a lot is changing with more advancements in technology, material and the installation process. A solar pool heater is great choice for the its practicability and ease of use as well as the services and upkeep. We are talking about one of the most efficient ways to warm your residential swimming pool in 2019.

We have listed all the benefits we can have found and what our customers have said.

10 Benefits:

1. Extend your swimming pool season.

You will be able to add a few more months to your swimming season after you install a solar pool heating system for your swimming pool.

2. Quiet and easier to operate.

Clients find it is very quiet to run than other pool heating equipment on the market as well as operate or change any settings. Now with the controller, you can set and forget for your own convenience.

3. How long does a solar pool heating system last?

​These systems were built to withstand harsh weather conditions and if built with the right materials you should always get over 8 years of use. All systems should come with warranty for your piece of mind.

4. Cost of services.

The ongoing cost to service your solar pool heating system is very low with normally a minimum of one service recommend each year for your solar pool heating equipment.

5. Save on bills.

By choosing a solar pool heating system you will be able to save money on energy cost by using the suns free energy and also be rewarded financially. Australia bills are always going up and having a pool on another heating system could become costly in the near future.

6. How quick could I have a solar pool heating system installed?

Depending on the size of your pool and materials we need, It normally only takes 1 day to 2 days of installation work if trenching for pipe work is need it might take longer.

7. Environmentally Friendly.

Solar pool heating systems are great for the environment and get the enjoyment out of your pool.

8. Fits most roofs and does not damage

With the advancement in the material, a lot of the new systems are able to contour to the roof for a very flush professional look once the solar pool heating collector is installed.

9. Adds value to your property Having a solar pool heating system installed for your residential pool will also bring along great value as the interested buyer will not have to add this system in that's if you ever decide to sell.

10 Lucky last and the best benefit of all

You will get a nice swimming season in.

Here are the top 10 benefits of having a solar pool heating system for your Australia backyard pool

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