How Does Solar Pool Heating work?

Find out how a solar pool heating system works for your swimming pool in 2019. 

Solar Pool Heating is the most effective way to get more use of your pool and save costs at the time.

What is a solar pool heating system and how do they operate for residential pool owners. 

The solar pool heating system itself involves a few components listed below.

  • The solar collector, Solar Panels or Solar Strip matting.

  • The Solar Pump. 

  • Controller or sensor. 

  • Vacuum Relief valve.

  • Piping. 

  • Swimming pools water. 

The majority of solar pool heating systems work the same way. We will run you through how our current solar pool systems we install and how they operate to warm your swimming pool. 

A solar pool heating system works by pumping or circulating your own swimming pools water through the system or equipment. The solar pool pump will circulate the water up through one pipe to the solar collector being the choice of solar panels or solar mats dependent on your roof and pool size.

These solar collectors have been sitting on your roof absorbing the suns rays which in return warming the tubing of the solar mat or solar panels. 


When your pool water is pumped through the series of tubes it will be warmed and the circulating pool water will finish running back through the pipe work and down to the pool pump system to be returned to your swimming pool increasing it in temperature. 

It's a very simple but effective way to warm your swimming pool and also taking advantage of the suns energy providing you with a low-cost efficient way to warm your swimming pool. 

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